Micro-habits to live better | Anxiety | Time-management

Winter isn’t coming, it’s here. The cold, short, quarantine days. The holiday season hangover. There’s a reason why many consider it to be the most depressing/anxious/stressful time of the year. With so much uncertainty, we can all only take it one day at a time. Our self-care is our responsibility. We must take care of our-self first so we are then best equipped to take care of others. There’s a reason why the flight attendant tells you to “put your mask on first, then help others”. Self-care comes in many forms and we all need a HEALTHY way to reset. Do it for you. The rest of your family will thank you for it.

20 Realistic Micro-Habits To Live Better Every Day

Each micro-habit here takes one minute at most each day or uses a task most people do anyway. None of them will transform or revolutionize your life but they can help you live a little bit better every day and this adds up over time. The Ascent

Turn Towards That Anxiety

One of the most important lessons I want to pass along to my kids (and all of you) is on the subject of anxiety. Too much time is spent talking about how to get rid of anxiety. That’s naive. We need to think of anxiety-like an ocean - it will always have waves and it’s impossible to eliminate them. The trick is figuring the best way to ride the waves. The Go Getter

A Time Management Strategy Every Parent Needs

To Try For parents, time management is always tricky. But now, amidst the COVID pandemic, it’s all the more difficult. When the pandemic started, and many parents were all sucked into a work-from-home-with-kids vortex, with professional life and family life tossed into a cosmic blender set to “Eff Up”. Fatherly

7 Negative Thoughts That Sabotage Your Weight-loss Goals

Setting a goal to lose weight and improve your nutrition habits is a great first step in the journey to getting healthier. Still, it’s fair to acknowledge losing weight comes with challenges. With these weight-loss hurdles, it’s natural to have moments of doubt — or even let negative thoughts sneak in. However, the way you think about big goals can make a huge difference. MyFitnessPal