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Feed your focus, starve your distractions. Distractions are tempting, they give us a small sense of accomplishment. Sometimes they're unavoidable, such as interruptions, or a wandering mind (which we all have). If it's a distraction that is crucial and has to be handled immediately, then handle it. If it isn't, which most distractions aren't, acknowledge the distraction, jot it down and say "I will get back to you/this" when I'm finished, and then continue with the current task at hand. We all have many tasks we need to complete. Prioritize the tasks, create a list, create multiple lists: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Take the time to re-prioritize your lists, a task that wasn't urgent two weeks ago maybe urgent today. Try to accomplish larger tasks first, which goes against most of our nature of trying to accomplish as many small tasks first to shorten our list. However, make sure to break mega-tasks into smaller manageable tasks. Just like the discussion of habits last week, set yourself up to succeed. Lastly, this brings me to the biggest time-suck of all distractions, one that none of us are immune to, DRAMA! While you can't stop drama from occurring in your life, you can stop participating. Usually, drama is a bottomless pit, it's your choice whether or not to jump in.

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