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  • In my experience, confidence comes from two primary sources, external and internal. External confidence is obtained from the "praise" of others. It can be a quick boost for anyone, no matter how confident they are. Simple kind words that accentuate an individual's strengths are powerful and we all need to be better at boosting our fellow human beings confidence. The issue with external confidence, especially if it is the primary source of confidence, is that just as easily as the confidence can be gained, it can be lost. Internal confidence, on the other hand, is confidence that the individual earned. There are two subcategories of internal confidence, known and perceived. Known confidence is the confidence we don't even think about, for instance, tying our shoes. We've all tied our shoes countless times and when the task is at hand, we don't have to worry about whether we are capable. Perceived confidence is different. It requires a belief in our ability. If you're an individual who has low perceived confidence, you can change this. You need to start small, find something you know you can complete easily, then make it slightly more difficult. As an example, if you want to work out every day for 30 minutes, but aren't confident that will happen, truly ask yourself what do I know I will do? If you know you can commit to working out every other day for 15 minutes, then start with that but make it 20 minutes instead of 15. That extra time puts you out of your predetermined comfort zone while still setting you up for easy success. Approach this methodology whenever and wherever you can and you will see your perceived confidence continue to grow!

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