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  • Priorities are things, ideas, ideals, that we deem to be of a higher level of importance. They are in essence what matters to us. It's typically things such as family, health, and/or happiness. It may be other things like our career, wealth, and/or status. Priorities can and do change throughout our lifetime. After school, your career may be your priority, however after you start a family, your priority will most likely change. Priorities guide us. It's not only essential to know what our priorities are, it's crucial. Knowing what our priorities truly are, which unfortunately may not be what we want or think they are, allows us to best structure our goals, our time, and our life. What are your priorities? Do your existing goals line up with those priorities? Do you have new goals and do those line up with your priorities? Take the time to figure out your priorities and structure your life so that your priorities stay your priorities. If you push away your priorities, your setting yourself up for failure. You're adding unwanted stress and pressure, often without even realizing it, because you're creating internal conflict.

Meditate Your Pain Away

As a meditation teacher, I can tell you chugging anything called “Tranquini” will do nothing beyond perhaps giving you gas. Instead, fortify yourself with mind-body practices — essential weapons in your agony-busting arsenal. FURTHER

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