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  • Can awareness be learned? I know that sounds like a strange question, but if you're an individual who may not pay attention to what is happening around them, it's a valid question. Even if you aren't this type of individual, I'm sure you know someone, most likely a male, who seems like their always clueless when it comes to noticing things. It can be small things, not noticing a haircut, or larger things, like not noticing someone dyed their hair a completely different color (I'm sticking with the probably a male scenario). This lack of awareness can be for many reasons, the individual could just be a wandering thinker, a multitude of thoughts always going on at once, and hence a difficulty in focusing. It could be they're just having a bad day and all their focus is currently allocating on just making it through the day. It could be that they don't put much concern in a person's physical appearance and hence never notices because they aren't looking for the change. While it may seem like nothing to the person not being aware, the person on the other end can often take this as though you don't care. While this probably isn't the case, it should be easy to understand why they may feel this way. If something or someone is important to you, no matter how unnatural it may be, attempt to be more aware. Being more aware can help with mental clarity which benefits you, and makes others feel noticed, which benefits them. It's a win-win!

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