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  • What happens when one finds self-awareness? Is that the end of self-discovery, the end of self-improvement? Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses (self-awareness) unfortunately does not necessarily allow you to accept such awareness or the feelings of satisfaction or despair with your newfound awareness. Self-acceptance is what many feel follows self-awareness, mainly because until you truly are aware of who you are, how can you accept who you are? We all have strengths, we all have weaknesses, and what many feel is a strength or weakness, may in fact be the opposite of what we think, because it is the narrative we created in our mind either out of want or need. It is hard to admit faults, and weaknesses. It's harder to accept them. When I say accept, I don't mean acknowledge or come to terms with, I mean accept and embrace. This can be a truly exhausting and emotional experience and journey, especially if it opens up new outlooks on past experiences you may have felt you already "came to terms" with. However, without true self-exploration, we can easily get lost trying to make sense of things that often have a clear answer. Remember our minds try to protect us, that is what overthinking is. It will perceive or make up nonexistent or even exaggerated ideas/outcomes. You can't stop it from happening, although I'm sure, like me, you've tried. However, you can be aware of the thoughts, acknowledge the thoughts as just that, a thought, and accept that this is a defense mechanism, but not necessarily reality. We are all in our own unique way beautiful and flawed, and that is ok. Find your beauty, find your flaws, and then find your peace.

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