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  • The Johari Window Model states that when it comes to awareness and self, there are four separate perspectives of self, the "Public Self", the "Private Self", the "Blind Self", and the "Unconscious Self". The private self is what you knowingly know and choose to keep private. At some point in everyone's life they will find out something about themselves that they chose to keep to themselves, is private self, once shared, however, it then is public self. The public self is what you know about yourself and are willing to make public. While it is certainly what you are willing to share with everyone/anyone, it is also what you are willing to share with a select trusted few. The blind self is what we don't know or "see" in regards to ourselves, but what others have observed about me. I'm sure you've seen this state with close friends, family, co-workers. You see things that they don't see, and guess what they see things with you that you don't see. When someone offers you information about your blind self, it's important to listen, but also to not take it completely to heart, because like you, they are human and are not perfect. What they think they "see" or notice, is not necessarily completely accurate. It is then up to you to find not only the accuracy but the degree of accuracy. Finally, the unconscious self is what neither you, nor others know about you. In order to find out more about the unconscious self, you have to bring it to the conscious state. This is typically done with therapy or even journaling. It can be tied to extreme emotion, so it is recommended that this journey of discovery be done with an appropriate practitioner. Do you want to know more about your unknown self? Start with your blind self, listen and analyze what others think they know about you. Do you feel that your private self is too full, you can slowly start moving some of those "knows" to the public self, remember you don't need to share it with everyone. Sharing, even minute things, can be freeing.

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