Feel Healthier & Happier | How Sleep Habits Affect Weight Loss | Why It's Hard to Sit Up Straight

  • Way to go, idiot. I can't do anything right. I suck. I'm hopeless. Who hasn't had those thoughts or even said them out loud after losing their temper, making someone cry, botching a simple task, or just making a mistake? Self-deprecating thoughts about how much you suck at the current task or moment may seem like an appropriate penance for your mistakes but this type of thinking is harmful not only to you but also to your relationships, your goals, and hence your future. Unchecked shame-based self-talk can increase stress levels, resulting in anxiety and depression, and may trigger a self-fulfilling prophecy. We all screw up. But talking down to yourself isn’t the answer. You can't be the type of person you want to be if you believe (internally and/or externally tell yourself) negative messages about who you are. It will slowly tear away your self-esteem. One's self-esteem is an integral part of who one is. Changes in it will directly tie to changes in how they carry themselves, communicate and interact with others, accept/handle new challenges, and just live life. We all fail, even the so-called experts that you may be judging yourself unfairly against, have failed countless times (most people however don't share their failures, only their successes). Failure is nothing more than an opportunity to learn, and learning is an opportunity to grow. The next time those thoughts start to form, instead of thinking I can't do anything right, try to instead think I now know that doesn't work. You are listening, break the habit of negative self-talk.

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