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  • I'm sure you, or someone you know, at this point in the evolution of technology, has used GPS direction. Whether it was built into your car, built into your phone, or another piece of equipment. They all basically do the same thing: calculate the quickest, easiest, cheapest way to get from point a to point b. Some have extra features, such as most scenic or windiest (awesome option if you have a motorcycle). They all do an excellent job, that is until something it did not calculate occurs (yes many get live statistics to attempt and avoid, however, it's often too late). I'm sure you've come across at least one of these scenarios: as an accident ahead, road construction, a house being moved taking up both lanes of a two-lane road. It tries to recalculate the next best option, however, sometimes, unfortunately, the best option is to continue on the slow painful path we are currently on with the knowledge that it will only be temporary (although we often don't know how temporary). I bring this up because this is no different than life. We will always come across obstacles in life. It's human nature to try and reroute our path to avoid delays because we lose motivation and become aggravated or anxious when we see progress slow or worse come to a stop (the changing lanes scene at the beginning of the movie Office Space is a perfect example most of us can relate to). Plateaus will always occur in life, that doesn't mean that they will stay a plateau forever. Sometimes the quickest way is the one that has temporary slowdowns and stops. Sometimes detours are necessary. Whatever decision you make, take a breath, enjoy the journey, and continue toward your destination.

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