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Success in any aspect of one's life begins with the right mindset. You have to go into any endeavor with a positive outlook, while also being realistic. Understanding that life is fluid and ever-changing as well as that there are plenty of things beyond your control allows you to prepare for the unexpected (prepare as in not be completely blindsided if something occurs). Understanding however is different than expecting. Our overall "attitude" about a situation plays a huge role in how the situation often plays out. When we expect a negative outcome, our actions and choices are steered toward that outcome on a subconscious level. The same is true for the reverse, if we expect a positive outcome, our actions and choices are steered toward that outcome. Subconsciously, we almost ensure the outcome from the very beginning. Again, there are plenty of things that are beyond our control, however, what may seem like it had nothing to do with your preconceived expectation for the result, often does. The next time an endeavor doesn't go the way you want, ask yourself what your mindset was heading into it. Then reverse engineer from the outcome to the start, even if you believe it was a cosmic curse that couldn't be avoided. Doing so shows where the path to success was altered which you can then learn to avoid in the future. Having this mindset of wanting to learn to improve in its own right is a success mindset. If you believe that failure is just an opportunity to improve then any result is a success.

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