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In a continuation from last week's college visit, I'd like to briefly talk about another discussion I had with my daughters regarding college and one benefit from going to a school that isn't near home. High school seems to run on "social clicks", this was the case when I was in school, and from all that I can tell still is, and I'm sure to some degree will always be. You seem to be labeled as a Jock, a Band Kid, Drama Kid, etc and because of those defined titles, you also tend to hang out with the other kids who also fall into the same defined titles. First and foremost, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, the issue is that sometimes it doesn't allow kids to experience new things, or at least makes it more difficult to. Going away to college allows one to almost redefine themselves, erase their pre-conceived notions about their likes, their wants, and who they are. College isn't like high school, yes the clicks are still there but not nearly to the same degree. There are very few times you get to "re-define" yourself in life, at least from a socially acceptable standard. If you decide in your mid-30s to "figure" things out, to "find" yourself, etc; you most likely will be labeled as "selfish" or "childish" hearing things like "you need to grow up". After your mid-40s, people will call it a mid-life crisis. It appears the only two socially acceptable times to go through this life process are college-age ("they really found themselves") or after retirement ("they're finally living the life they want"). I'd like to mention, that I feel if you need a change in your life and that life will cause no hurt/damage to you or anyone else, it shouldn't matter your age or where you are; however, society doesn't always agree with this. That is one great thing about going away to college. You start with a clean slate. People don't know what you don't tell them and the benefit of this is that you don't subconsciously feel the need to live up to any particular standard. Yes, going away to school may be scary, however, you can always go away to school without going far. If you go to a school an hour plus away, you'll notice that many of the kids you went to high school with won't be going there (some will most likely), chances are you won't drive every day (however you could), but you are close enough to always come home if you ever feel homesick. College is a time to learn not just about what you want to do career-wise but to help you find out who you are.

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