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I'm a big believer in self-exploration, in self-knowledge. I enjoy reading/listening to various topics centered around self-help, self-awareness, self-discovery, etc. Lately, there seems to be this common theme centered around the mentality that if you think positive, then positive things will happen. While I completely agree with this, I do think that there is an important aspect that seems to be left out. Negative thinking is not only normal but important. There will no doubt be negative things in your life: some due to your own creation as well as those that you have ZERO control over. Let's face it, without the negative, there could be no positive, hence it would be neutral. While there may be times in your life that a neutral life may sound amazing, life is about the ups and downs, the highs and lows. The key is learning to change the negative into the positive. Don't ignore the negative, conquer it. For example, say you wanted to plant a garden. You till the soil, plant your seeds, add fertilizer, and water said seeds. Your garden begins to grow - all positive things. Then the wildlife decides to enjoy the fruits of your labors (after all, while it may be your back yard according to tax records, it's still their world). You then become frustrated and any positive feelings you may have felt turn negative. However, this could be avoided by simply building a makeshift fence. That is of course if you even actually care about harvesting the plants you are growing. Maybe you find gardening soothing, and the harvest isn't your priority. Maybe instead of getting frustrated by the animals, being animals, you instead appreciate the beauty of these creatures and the fact you are giving back to nature. Perhaps you may even decide to do two gardens, one fenced or harvest and one for wildlife. While it would be great to always be positive about everything, it simply isn't sustainable or practical. There will always be aspects of life that will be Negative. The key is to plan for what you can, change your mindset (when possible) for what you can't, and stop stressing about what you have no control over.

5 Hacks for More Rest and Less Stress

We’re not usually the rhyming type. But there’s something about this one. When we say, “More rest,” you say, “Less stress.” More rest! ...... We know you didn’t do it. It’s okay. We’re just fired up because we slept great last night. And when we sleep great, everything else seems to fall in line a little easier. We used two of the tips from this article to wind down. INVERSE

A Busy Person's Guide to Health

To reach your health goals, you have to make health a priority. But it doesn’t need to be the priority. You’re allowed to be busy with other things (work, family, finally creating that podcast you’ve been telling your friends about for years). You’re even allowed to be really busy with other things and still make some wellness progress. MEDIUM

Functional Fitness: A New Approach for a Lifetime of Strength

They’re calling it functional fitness. Which is kind of like the physical equivalent to mindful meditation. It’s about recognizing how your body is feeling and adjusting how you work out according to that. Instead of adjusting how you work out based on, say, the latest YouTube video you watched.​ JAMESANDERSONFITNESS

In With the Old, Why Aging is No Longer a Dirty Word

There’s a really great story about the first time a supermodel felt invisible in this article. But for the sake of this write-up, we’re going to drop some facts on you. In 2021, Gen Xers are entering their 50s and Boomers are living longer than ever. We’ll call them Xoomers collectively. They makeup 30% of the workforce and own 70% of the wealth. They even own more electronics and homes than any other age group. LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE

18 Snacks and Drinks for Peak Heart Health

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