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How much of your heart/mind is filled with "negative" emotions/thoughts? I have the word negative in quotes because there are times in life where we need these certain emotions/thoughts. For instance, if you were in a car accident or mugged, you should feel feat. If you suffered a devastating loss to a loved one, you should go through the various stages of grief. It is in our DNA to feel/think certain ways as a way to survive. What I want to know, what you should be asking yourself and figure out, is on a typical day, what percentage of "negative" emotions/thoughts are filling up my heart/mind. Emotions such as guilt, remorse, jealousy, sadness, anger, hatred, fear, loneliness, worthlessness, and anything else that adds to stress or anxiety? While being able to break each emotion/thought down is more beneficial, lumping them is also effective in finding out where your emotional/mental well-being currently is. What do I mean by that? If these "negative" emotions are taking up more than 50%, then you aren't going to be in a good place (it's simple math). The higher the %, the more likely you are to gravitate to that direction (human nature). So if you're more "negative" than "positive", you subconsciously start to notice the negative occurrences in life and ignore the positive ones, thus increasing the amount of "negativity" in your life, pushing the % away from where you desire. Taking the time to do some searching and exploration to see what is filling your heart/mind allows you to know what you can start working on and changing. Some things are going to be harder than others, and that's ok. Start with the smaller things first, get momentum in your favor and start ticking away at that total %. Why the small things first? They're the easiest and quickest to adjust/change. For instance, if the #1 anxiety in your life is work, quitting your job probably isn't an option. Even finding a new job may not fix the issue (often when we take a new job, it's a similar position at a new place or a new position with more responsibility). If the smallest anxiety in your life is that when you look through social media it makes you question your life choices, then simply stop going on social media. Start small and start checking items off. Like any to-do list, it feels awesome to check items off.

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